real estate conveyancing

Real estate is likely the most valuable asset a person will own during their lifetime. Estate planning with real estate is important due to the value, but also because there are methods to protect the value of the real estate as a primary residence through a Homestead Declaration. Moreover, funding real estate into trust prior to a loved-one’s passing can avoid the probate process for real estate which is time-consuming and costly.

Additionally, since real estate is often subject to complicated rules for real estate transfer as well as taxation, insurance, and other areas of the law, a seemingly straightforward deed may not be so simple afterall. Attorney Younger has a broad range of experience in conveying real estate as well as clearing title when necessary.

His experience includes simple conveyancing (“deeding”) of a home from one family member to another on the one end, to clearing the chain of title (one deed references another, and so forth) for over a hundred years though multiple estates in a family of more than two dozen owners. His experience includes releasing life estates, obtaining Certificates for Release of Massachusetts Estate Tax Liens (Forms M-792), Federal Release of Liens (Forms 792), confirmatory deeds, attorney 5B affidavits, winding down real estate (nominee) trusts, opening estates to take and convey title, close estates to seal off creditors, among a plethora of other issues that come up in the chain of title.

If you have a title issue, please feel free to contact Attorney Younger to discuss it.